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Why Kep?

Heritage, Territory and Development

Between hills and rice fields, beaches and salt marshes of the Gulf of Thailand, Kep is in a unique natural setting. The city also bears witness to Cambodia's elegant past: after the victory of Independence (1953), Norodom Sihanouk ensures its reputation as the "St. Tropez of Southeast Asia”. Large villas are built.

The Vietnam War and the Khmer Rouge regime do not spare it. The seaside city is gradually slipping into a state of deterioration. With peace returned, in a still developing country, the city now looks to the future.


Where the collaborative work of participants will be displayed

On board to Kep! Photographs, music, films, models of old houses, special urban projects and a selection of public or private archives. From the origins to the 1960s, from the return of peace to the future, with rare documents.

THEY TESTIFY!  The people of Kep tell their story. Memories for the future. THEY INVENT! Cambodian and French students propose innovative projects for an eco-friendly development of Kep. THEY WATCH! Photographers and filmmakers reveal unexpected aspects, create imaginary journeys and take a humanistic look at Kep.


A brand new Issue in Cambodia

KEPEXPO THE BOOK tells the story of Kep, a seaside resort of Cambodia, an amazing coastal city, a territory constantly in the making.
KEPEXPO THE BOOK combines photography, cinema, many archival documents and eco-Friendly projects of architecture and urbanism.
KEPEXPO THE BOOK combines history and culture, tourism and recreation and collects testimonials from Cambodians and foreigners.
KEPEXPO THE BOOK shows the stories of Kep and his future.

The architecture of Kep

Thinking of the future


Kep has never been a completed city, but has always remained a territory in the making whose growth and development have been stopped by History.

Kep has been witness to Cambodian Golden Age in the 60s, as evident in its impressive abandoned houses. Taking into account this past and the present life of the inhabitants, how do we imagine an urban development of Kep, from the sea to the hills that is eco-responsible, modern and harmonious?

This workshop is organized by

RUFA & Paris-Belleville

Pictures of Kep

A fresh look


Directed by Françoise Huguier, a famous French photographer who told her childhood in Cambodia in 1950 in the book "I Was Eight’".

This workshop brought together Cambodian photographers of the new generation: Kim Hak, Neak Sophal, Kong Vollak and Vanith. Abandoned houses, forests, seas, reportage, more conceptual photo, they have chosen developed themes that will be presented
during KepExpo.

Movies in Kep

To show the present

CINEMA Workshop

Led by the Cambodia Film Commission (CFC) with young film makers under the professional follow-up of Cambodian director Rithy Panh.

Fiction and documentaries have been filmed in Kep, and edited and postproduced in Phnom Penh. The Cambodian participants (Chan Lida and Sao Bora) direct and develop short films, portraying Kep’s inhabitants, while Quentin Clausin tells the love story of two teenagers in "Krong Kep".


In search of the past


Link between all workshops and important documentary source for KepExpo.

  • In partnership with: BOPHANA Audiovisual Documentation Center, the National Archives of Cambodia and the Documentary Research Center of
    Paris-Belleville School of Architecture
  • Research and selection of documents on Kep, in Cambodia and around the world
  • Architectural drawings, leaflets, 1960s newspapers, amateur films, photos...
  • The images and sounds gathered will be presented at KEPEXPO and will then join the database of BOPHANA Center for free public access.


Supporters of a unique cultural event

Preserve the recent past of Cambodia
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Get an international visibility when the exhibition settles in Paris and benefit from a longlasting coverage with the permanent exhibition in Kep.

Under the High Patronage of His Majesty
Preah Bat Samdech Preah Boromneath
Norodom Sihamoni
King of Cambodia

With the financial support of the French Embassy

KEP EXPO 2017 is a multidisciplinary exhibition dedicated to Kep, a seaside resort in Cambodia. It is a major event that will take place in Phnom Penh and Paris before finally settling with a permanent exhibition in Kep itself.